Edwina Russaw

I have known Hassan for a few months now and I‘ve only had great experiences with him when it comes to his non-profit FHFF.  He has also introduced me to some distinguished business connects in Tanzania and some political dignitaries around Africa.  My purchases made from the website that supports the non-profit and he did

Janet Williams

We really love and support the FHFF foundation, their presence says “Save our communities health and keep us safe from using excessive processed foods”.

David Patsons

The FHFF team are very strategic on the way they plan community development projects. I am very interested in supporting there projects since there aim is to support the young generation in communal activities and wealth building.

Hemed Mohamed

We are happy to have met the founders of the FHFF Foundation. We are glad that our business here in Zanzibar reached international markets and our business generated 30% of revenue selling our Zanzibar Artwork in US markets. Thanks to our brother Hassan who made it possible, We recommend anyone to support him to help