Edwina Russaw

I have known Hassan for a few months now and I‘ve only had great experiences with him when it comes to his non-profit FHFF.  He has also introduced me to some distinguished business connects in Tanzania and some political dignitaries around Africa.  My purchases made from the website that supports the non-profit and he did just what he promised: delivered and on time.

A little about one of my most proud product purchases: sea moss, straight from the sea of Tanzania.  It was an exciting purchase for me.  Hassan introduced me to it after discussing being extra careful during this pandemic because I am anemic and my immune system is weak because of meds I take.  I researched info and found that sea moss held 92 of the 102 minerals that our body need daily.  The day the women went out to sea to pick my sea moss, the business owner sent pictures of them picking and drying the sea moss in the sun.  I was excited because I saw my product before packaging and was smiling because I was helping myself at the same time.  It is a natural product; it flows through your blood and organs boosting them to raise their levels of protection.  During that process, it builds up your red and white blood cells, which in turn build up the immune system and help with being anemic also.  That is exactly what I needed.  It also give you a burst of energy when I add it to my smoothies, sprinkle it over my sandwiches, in my yogurt and whipped potatoes and yes gravy.  YEP! You can do all that and more with it, I have had significant weight loss with sea moss.  Once eaten, it expands in the stomach making you feel full and you eat less, which aids in you losing weight with sensible eating and exercise.  I suggests exercise because it prevents sagging skin depending on how much weight you have to lose.  It had so many other good healthy properties about it that I decided to buy enough to start selling it.  I gave away some test samples to see how it would affect the people that I knew needed help with weight loss, diabetes and thyroid problem.  I can attests to the facts that each of them are losing weight, the one with diabetes is now able to keep their A1C in check; and the other the doctor decide not do to surgery on the thyroid because the blood work came back with improved numbers and will see them in 6 months.  Each are relatives so I am not mentioning names but hopefully they will be able to do like me, but with the help of the sea moss, lose enough weight to be able to come off some of those meds.

After successful purchases and more talking about potentially joining to do some business together, I introduced Hassan to some possible business connects here in the United States.  They are very interested in his ideas and in helping implement them in both countries and in different cities.  That is impressive to me and because he has introduced me to some local politicians, well know businesspersons and some African dignitaries; he has shown me that he is willing to put in the work to make this non-profit work for us/our people.  In fact, right now I am discussing with my financial advisor on making monetarily investments and joining Hassan in connecting Africa/Africans and USA/ African Americans communities.  Helping them become self-sufficient by supporting each other with starting black owned businesses in their own communities and being able to provide employment from within the community as well.  Encouraging and help with the start-up of brick and mortar ventures to bring in the type of business needed in the communities.  Turn eyesore buildings into businesses needed in the neighborhood.  Therefore, spending money earned in the community, making it grow and expanding becoming richer in money and resources.  This will be for those willing, in a simple way, based on Hassan’s business model/plan he has designed and investors willing to trust your own neighbor.


Edwina Russaw