Orbit Telecom Network

Orbit Telecom Networks is a planned project that will develop a consistent network Infrastructure for the aim of establishing community development projects to rural and urban areas around the World. The core of the project is to implement base stations that are powered 100% percent by solar energy.

The base station establishes a Wi-Fi hotspot with a range of up to one kilometer in diameter. The hotspot is connected to the internet by existing infrastructure such as microwave link and fiber, or by satellite, balloons or drones, bringing connectivity to even the most secluded areas of the world. And because the solution is based on Wi-Fi, people can browse the web, stay in touch, or participate in educational programs using any Smartphone, Tablet, or Laptop.

Within the project, there will be new born projects that will be supported by Orbit Telecom Networks as listed below:

  1. Free Hosting E-government platform for rural & urban Areas
  2. Orbit Internet Service Provider
  3. Orbit VPN Services Provider
  4. Orbit Data Hosting Service Provider
  5. Orbit VoIP Telephone & Video Conference Service Provider
  6. Orbit Internet TV Service Provider (IPTV)

The Orbit Networks base station is designed to operate under harsh environmental conditions. It delivers a high quality Wi-Fi signal with a range of up to one kilometer in diameter and minimal maintenance. The entire system is 100% solar-powered and comes with rechargeable batteries to ensure 24/7 performance. Users can charge their mobile devices at a specially designed charging station. And extra features such as a streetlights and webcams can easily be installed.

Up And Running Within Minutes

The base station is delivered as a turnkey installation. It connects to the Internet by existing infrastructure via fiber or microwave link, satellites, drones, or balloons. Once the system is installed, users are up and running within minutes, thanks to the Orbits Network app.

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