Our Project

Mother Nature Products.

Mother Nature Products Is A Cooperative Society Created To Partner With African Family land owners and Small Business. We are dedi

Keypheus e-Commerce

Keypheus e-Commerce Keypheus eCommerce platform is the next generation of African Amazon like company, aiming to help build a comm

Orion Media

Orion Media is the next generation of Africa's streaming service that will allow members to watch a wide variety of African TV shows, movies, document

Exodus Go Tours & Travel

Exodus Go Tours is a travel business that offers unique African wildlife safaris, mountaineering treks, cultural experiences, day trips, historical sit

Orbit 360

Orbit 360 is the next generation of Africa's Anti virus that will protect any device against Malware, Viruses and Spam on any network system. Orbit 360 wil

Orbit Telecom Network

Orbit Telecom Networks is a planned project that will develop a consistent network Infrastructure for the aim of establishing community development project

“Our Donation Markets.” are community centers with store fronts and a place to donate new and used items for families in all urban and rural communities. We ship containers of donated clothing and electronics to communities in Africa for an exchange and return of natural resources and food products to communities in America.