Helping Families Become Healthy & Wealthy

Our mission consists of helping families around the world. FHFF supports Individuals, Business, and Organizations who are leaders and influencers in their community create Positive change.

It takes a village to build and develop a community. Engineers, Scientists, Professionals, Officers, Fathers, Mothers, Children, and Grandparents are all the fabric of a thriving community that helps further development for the next generations.

We’re highlighting our “Natural Food Campaign”. Families Helping Families Foundation goal, is to present and introduce certain beneficial food products that are naturally grown and produced in East Africa for the purpose of uniting communities. While bringing solutions to creating job opportunities on all land masses.

This project is special to families on the continent of Africa and of African descent. We are aiming to partner with leaders in all rural and urban communities to assist in the redevelopment of a healthier and beneficial economic system for the world and future generations.

Donated resources are creating modern agriculture and manufacturing methods for African landowners to be able to compete in international markets, while creating new beneficial partners for community development and economic stability on all continents.