HealHer Youth Program

HealHER is a sisterhood that is striving to end the cycle of childhood trauma, while creating the ability for every women to thrive prosperously, peacefully and to know their purpose and strengths within their communities.

HealHER, through FHFF, wants to provide a network of resources, positive energy, strength in numbers, Encouragement, Inspiration, and Empowerment for young girls. Healing allows improvement in the necessary skills to Mentally, physically, and Spiritually thrive throughout different phases of life. We want to raise the vibrations to encourage girls to become phenomenal women. We want to make an impact through workshops, developmental programs, support groups, community gatherings, one-to-one and open discussions to enhance natural ways of healing.

HealHER is aiming to connect with young girls locally and abroad of all ages to develop skills in self-care, self-development, and inspire them to become better versions of themselves with balance.

Our desires are to gain support through partnerships with community leaders, sponsors, organizations, and volunteers to provide healing through some of the following programs, but not limited to:


Mentorship Programs

Rites of Passage Programs

Accountability Programs

Leadership Developmental Programs

Meditation Workshops

Yoga Workshops

DIY Deodorant Workshops

DIY Candle Making Workshops

HealHER is motivated to provide a wholistic way of living, thriving and being for girls of all backgrounds. We want young women to see the value they can bring to the world. The HealHER community aims to bring the value and potential out to provide healing to self, those around you and for the next generations.


What is needed to implement Programs and Workshops?


At HealHer, we want to provide the space needed to heal and thrive. This takes one step at a time.


Interested young women Ages 8-13

Donations for Supplies/Running Expenses

Social Media Management

Happy Volunteers

Supportive Sponsors

Sacred Space to Hold Programs

HealHer: “One Step at a Time”

“Open up your heart for liberation”